Beverages Stand Outdoor 6x3m


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For brands operating a bar or beverage tasting stand.

Organiser Provides

  • 3x3m site, w/ 1 x 3x3m pagoda OR 6x3m site w/ 2 x 3x3m pagoda
  • Lighting
  • Clothed trestle table x 1 (optional)


  • Event Liquor License
  • Power, 10-amp output (upgrade at cost to Exhibitor)
  • fascia signage w/ brand name
  • 1 x POS terminal per 3x3m footprint
  • 80mL taster cups
  • Water, 1 x 10L cask
  • Handwash Kit
  • 24hr Security
  • Live operational support through Festival Command Network (via WhatsApp)
  • Cold storage
  • Dry storage
  • Ice x 5kg bags (on request, FOC)
  • Spittoons (wineries only)
  • Stock Runners to replenish sites

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